The Estonian Association of German Shephers cordially invites you to take part in the seminar with

Mia Skogster!


2016_Mia Skogster.jpg


The practical part of the seminar will be held on the Tagadi training field   Map

Theory part location will be announced approximately 1 week before the seminar.

July 30th Puppy seminar

We will go through how to teach puppies different elements in obedience  and how to create a strong bond between the dog and handler.

In the practical part we will train young dogs aged 2 - 18 months. The participating dogs will be selected from the participants to demonstrate different exercises.

July 31st  Fit for competition -

We will go through how to merge all parts and to prepare the dog for competition. We will also go over how to control the dogs mood and how to build up mental strength needed for competitions. 

In the practical part we will train the handlers and dogs that are preparing for competitions and championships. 

Ticket for the seminar can be purchased HERE 

One day ticket for the seminar will cost 59EUR and 2 days 99EUR. 


NB! the seminar will take place in English and will be translated into Estonian. 



Hotell Dzingel: Special offer for accommodation hotel Dzingel see here.....  


In case of additional questions feel free to contact:  Merike Klement +3725230103, e-mail