Estonian Siegershow 2024

Judge: Hr Andreas Weigel (SV),  kennel vom Almhof
Helpers: Artjom Trefov ja Sten Lõhmus (EST)
Venue: Luige näituseväljak, Kiili vald
Info:  Riina Ruven +372 5066618 (EST, RU),

Registration: until 05.05.2024 (blue button “Registreeru” – make sure you get a confirmation e-mail!)
Registration fees:

EAGS member Non-member
Puppies 4-12 months, veterans 30 € 40 €
12-18,18-24 & open classes 40 € 50 €
Working class 50 € 60 €
Dogs 10+ years 0 € 0 €

ESLÜ/EAGS bank requisites:
Beneficiary: Eesti Saksa Lambakoerte Ühing MTÜ
SEB, SWIFT/BIC: EEUHEE2X, IBAN: EE241010022004993000

NB! Please indicate in the payment description “Siegershow 2024 and the name of the dog”
NB! Dogs, who have been registered, but not paid for, may not participate in the show. Only bank transfers are accepted for payment! The last date of receiving the payment at the bank account is 05.05.2024.

Classes for judging (normal ja longhaired): 
  • puppies 4-12 m (4-6m, 6-9m, 9-12m)
  • veterans over 8 yo (higest grade V;  V grading for dogs who have körung)
  • open class (dogs over 2yo without bitework; highest grade SG)
  • Progeny classes (automatic registration – min 5 dogs)
  • 12-18m (with junior cert, highest grading SG)
  • 18-24 m (highest grading SG)
  • working class (Dogs over 2yo with bitework; highest grade VA )
  • Breeders class (automatic registrartion – min 4 dogs)

Rules for participation

– All dogs need to have identification (chip or  tatoo) and need to be vaccinated according to requirements
– All dogs over 12m need to pass gunshot test
– All working class dogs must pass courage test

If you are registrating your dog to working class, you must add copies of dog’s pedigree, working trial record book, Körung evaluation sheet or certificate of the working trial to registration form or send them via e-mail
All dogs registrated to Open or Working class, must have officially confirmed ED/HD results
All documents must be arrived at the same day and all bank costs must be payed by remitter!

Please bring along to the show:

– registration certificate
– valid vaccination certificate

 EAGS keeps the right to change judges and/or helpers if needed!

Rules for speciality show organisation: Erinäituse statuut




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